PLEASE NOTE: Irish pricelist is temporarily unavailable. Searches on Irish products will product no results.

In this section of the site it is possible to search our product lists, including over 84,000 entries, belonging to the official pharmacopoeia of Italy and Spain.

Please note that, apart from these products, we are able to supply a large number of other items such as Parapharmaceuticals and Medical devices (CE Mark). Our sales department is at your disposal for any information you should need about these products.

It is possible for everyone to search freely and download complete lists in different formats. Only authorised pharmaceutical companies (NOT private individuals) may effect a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for products they are interested in, suggesting an eventual target price or discount on each single product, or on the entire order. Our commercial operators will then contact them as quickly as possible, providing them with a personal quote.


  1. Insert a search string in the search box

  2. Select the lists to be searched by checking the respective boxes

  3. Select the fields (one or more) on which the search (product name, manufacturer, active substance, ATC code, ATC description, notes) is to be carried out

  4. Define the displaying options for the results:
  5. If you wish to see the official prices of the products displayed in a currency other than euro, select it from the scroll window: you will see the daily exchange rate, which is also possible to edit for personal reference.




    If you wish to see a general basic discount on the public prices, in order to propose a target price, insert it in the relative box.


    NB: these figures (exchange rate for the other currency/ discount) are only viewing options, for the convenience of the user and/or in order to make a proposal or suggest a quotation to our operators. Such rates or discounts may in no way be considered binding for any ensuing transactions.

    Choose how many results per page you wish to view.

  6. Start the search and get the results

    The results of the search will produce a list of articles, sorted by price list (Italian, Spanish, Irish). It is possible to change the sorting criteria clicking on the column names. It is also possible to export and save the results in various formats via the links present at the bottom of the page. Each product detail will be shown by clicking on the product name.

  7. Choose products you wish to be quoted
  8. For each product in the list you want to be added to the quotation, you must enter the number of requested pieces. It is also possible to modify the discount and/or target price. Once this information has been inserted (clicking on the cart icon on far right of the row), chosen products will be inserted into the RFQ, and the selected products row will be highlighted in orange. The cart box at the top will show the cart content total (in value and pieces).

    It is possible to add new products to the RFQ at any moment.

  9. Viewing / Editing the cart
  10. By clicking on "cart summary" link (on top, over the results) , you will enter the RFQ cart section.

    Here it is possible to edit price, currency, discount and number of pieces of each item included, or to eliminate them from the RFQ. It is also possible to add comments or personalised requirements to either a specific section or to each requested product.

  11. Send the RFQ
  12. Once your RFQ has been defined, it can be sent to our operators by clicking on "checkout".

    If you are already registered on our site, you need only to insert your User ID and password. Otherwise before you can send the RFQ you will have to register by filling in a simple form. Our operators will contact you as soon as possible with a reply or pro-forma invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: Results do not contain Irish products, whose pricelist is temporarily unavailable.